All things are possible,
for the one who believes.

Elohim & Kenneth

who are we

We are a group of investors, entrepreneurs and professionals from the field of marketing, finance, technology, commerce and communications, engaged in the creation and execution of possibilities.

What do we do

We create, invest and incubate conscience brands and innovate possibilities that ignite a meaningful change in the life of consumers.

Courage is fear that has said its prayers. D. Bernard

How do we do this

We do it through deep learning insights, and follow it up by building meaningful products, businesses and platforms. We do this by creating entertaining and social currency that connect on an authentic and intimate level.

Thus, resulting in natural participation and co-creation of possibilities.

How we work

We identify, incubate, invent, invigorate opportunities and possibilities that cover a width of categories focused on building successful global stories of the future.

We unite intelligence, curiosity and passion to explore, ignite and create meaningful innovations.

What we believe

In an extremely busy world, we focus on bringing attention and awareness to ideas that can truly bring about a positive shift in human conscience.


Praveen Kenneth

Praveen Kenneth


Tony Hanmer

Tony Hanmer


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